Beer & Cheese Tasting 26 Feb


Expect to be surprised by the combination of flavours of our especially-selected, out-of-the-ordinary beers when paired with various cheeses.
This is the third of a series of tastings that will delve into the pairing of various types of food and unique craft beers.
Tasting will consist of 5 beer-cheese pairings – Price: ???25.
This is a small group event and there are limited seats available. Book your ticket online on our website:??
Examples of Cheeses & Beers to be paired??????
1. Creamy Goat’s Cheese paired with Poppels Belgian Wit (5%)
2. Medium-aged Taleggio paired with Saison Dupont (6%)
3. Aged Goat’s Cheese paired with a spontaneously fermented Belgian Boon Geuze (7%)
4. Gruy??re paired with Dark Sister Black IPA (6.6%)
5. Gorgonzola paired with Belgian Triple or a dry craft cider (8%)
If you’re even slightly into cheese and/or beer this event is a must-attend!

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