Beers n’ Beats at Big Rons (Beer Tasting)


Come join us on Wednesday 30 November for an evening of Beers n’ Beats – a craft beer tasting session at Big Ron’s! We love a good beer and we’ve teamed up with Beer Head to get our hands on some of the craziest, trendiest beers available.

Music is curated by Mato specifically for the Beers n’ Beats evening. Expect some kick ass hip hop and laidback grooves to drive the cosy, informative and tasty night.

Food is prepared by Tommy. This is not dinner, just some light bar snacks, but well-thought out ones??

This will be a 5 beer tasting. Expect to be surprised by the range of beer styles you will taste! The focus of the beers is going to be on the fruity and easy-drinking ones, with some nice surprises!

Set price of ???25 p/persons gets you:

First beer – mixed into Ron’s Michelada: prepared with a BOMB secret mix of hot and tart dry spices with a hint of tomato & served with Stone Buenaveza, a crisp Salt n’ Lime Mexican Lager (4.7% Stone)

Second beer – Poppels Session IPA (India Pale Ale 4.2%, Poppels Sweden) + spicy popcorn and honey-salted almonds

Third beer – Do Stuff Together (Hazy Pale Ale, 5.7%, Mikkeller Denmark) + choice of dips:
Baba not kush: a smokey eggplant and sesame paste, roasted garlic and honey &
Zesty Hummus (creamy chickpeas, garlic, lemon zest, and extra virgin olive oil) served with galletti and celery sticks

Fourth beer – Kriek (Cherry lambic ale, 4%, Boon Belgium) + brownie w/
salted caramel and crumbled pistachio

Fifth beer – Layer Cake (Strawberry Marshmallow Stout, 7%, BrewDog UK) + no pairing, this is another dessert in itself!
This is going to be an intimate guided tasting where the aim is to chill and learn something about beer. We kick off at 8pm and will be done by 10pm latest.

Limited spots available.

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