Chili Sauce Tasting Box


Chilli sauce tasting box

The perfect gift for the spice lover! Why decide on one or two sauces when you can have a range of seven different, luxurious sauces? The package contains a tasting of seven different sauces all in 60 ml package and they are all of levels of heat intensity, making it a great gift idea for both beginners and seasoned chili heads. The perfect idea to share with friends if you’re having them over for dinner, a little bit of spice experimentation is always so much fun!

Chilli goes well with food. It complements its taste, eases the stomach and, most importantly, jump-starts the metabolism. And when combined with mustard or plum, the real gourmet experience begins!

Flavours included in the box (7 different sauces)

1xOnion Chili Sauce

1xPlum Chili Sauce

1xIndian Chili Sauce

1xSour Cherry Sauce

1xChili Salsa Sauce

1xChili Ketchup

1xChili Mustard

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