Craft Beer Pairing Dinner at Tico


?? ?? ?? ??***5 Course Pairing Dinner***
Wednesday 5 October 2022
Beer pairing is still being finalised but here is a preliminary idea of the menu that we are working on with Chef Nick Diacono, known for his modernist twist on local cuisine at Tico Tico, in the heart of Valletta
1. Lampuki Nej (crudo) w/ prickly pear & basil.
paired with a delicate beer such as a Belgian wheat beer or a hoppy, crisp, pilsner (TBD)
2. Bebbux bil-Guanciale w/ basal tal pikles, hobz malti (pickled local onions and Maltese crusted bread)
Beer Pairing TBD
3. Imqarancini – A chef’s speciality this is the renowned local imqarrun (baked macaroni pasta) fried balls, w/rich rabbit ragu, sweet garlic sauce.
Beer Pairing TBD
4. Ravjul Bl-Articukk – Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut butter ravioli
Beer Pairing TBD
5. Haruf ta’ Malta bic-Cicri – oak smoked whole lamb served w/ aldente chickpeas and soft herbs
Beer Pairing TBD
Optional dessert as extra. Dessert menu will be available on the night.
By pre-booking only due to the preparation involved.

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