Organic Lemon Drop Sauce


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Our Lemon Drop Chili Sauce scents and tastes of intense, fresh-fruity lemons – an extraordinary flavour for a chili. It has a burning heat that takes a while until it arrives on your tongue. In South America the Lemon Drop chili is very popular and also known as Aj?? Limon or Hot Lemon.

The sauce tastes as if you eat fresh chillies. An ultra-short heating time, only a pinch of salt and a
high-quality, mild organic apple vinegar ensure that the fresh flavours of the chillies fully unfold. Nothing covers the real Lemon Drop chili flavour.

The lemony heat fits perfectly with fish, poultry and vegetable dishes, but also for salad dressings and as a basis for dips and sauces.
Also suitable as a quick kitchen aid, if you just dont have any fresh chillies at hand while cooking.

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