Resist Anti-Imperial Stout


RESIST is produced by Brussels Beer Project in Belgium and is their way of supporting the solidarity action, #drinkersforukraine. All proceed will be donated to the Red Cross.

Beer Head is stocking and selling RESIST Anti-imperial stout as it wishes to take a stand against belligerent war and the invasion of countries in the 21st Century.

In this beer, BBP interpreted of one of the most famous Ukrainian desserts: Kyiv Cake! A thick imperial stout packed with decadent flavours it’s the best way to pay tribute to the brave Ukrainian people, encouraging them to keep resisting! Hazelnuts, Cocoa and Coffee all connected by a generous amount of Vanilla with malty notes, Cane Molasses, Maple Syrup, Burnt Sugar…

ABV: 12% – Style: Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout – KYIV CAKE

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