Spicy Gift Bag (Low to Med Heat)


Our Chili Gift Bag makes the perfect gift!

Includes 5 spicy items, all ranging from Moderate to Medium Heat, and believe me, our products can get very spicy! This is an option where the flavour is still there, and not completely overpowered by chili spice.


  1. Large bottle of delicious chipotle mustard;
  2. Large bottle of chili ketchup (the original stuff, not the sweet commercial ketchup);
  3. Jar of spicy nuts (3 out of 5 star intensity)
  4. Large bag of spicy chili nacho strips (lime + habanero)
  5. One hot sauce called Asstearoid (3 out of 5 stars, that’s pretty spicy!)
  6. Bag of coated, spicy peanuts

As long as stock lasts, we could also replace certain sauces, condiments and snacks depending on what we have in stock.


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