Spicy Gift Bag (Luxury Edition)


Our Chili Gift Bag makes the perfect gift!

Includes 6 spicy items, all in the Medium and super tasty Section in this bag, and believe me, our products can get very spicy! This is an option best suited for those who eat spicy stuff everyday and feel like nothing is quite spicy enough!


  1. Bottle of hot sauce with lime habanero – Asstearoid, super tasty and 3/5 stars so pretty spicy;
  2. NYC Hot Pickle hot sauce by Ferment Island;
  3. Large bottle of Sriracha Sauce, the best one you’ve every tasted;
  4. Bag of chipotle peanuts, smokey and spicy (3 out of 5 star intensity);
  5. Large bag of spicy chili nacho strips (Limed Habanero, 3 star)
  6. One 250ml bottle of Spicy Naxxar Olive Oil, or very own product which is infused with Ghost Pepper. The star of the show is the olive oil which we pressed ourselves, the kick is there, but not overwhelming in terms of spice level.

As long as stock lasts, we could also replace certain sauces, condiments and snacks depending on what we have in stock.


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